Are You a Small Business?

Sigma Solve Helps Your Business Grow

Sigma Solve expertly addresses the

website development

, custom application and e-commerce requirements of

small & medium sized businesses

. We provide solutions to improve the efficiency of your business and productivity of your employees, as well to create an enhanced experience for your customers. Able to take on projects of any scope or size, our development services address the very specific needs of the growing business.

The Advantage of Experience

As your business grows, efficient internal communication and reliable inventory methods become imperative. Sigma Solve is able to develop custom internal communication platforms as well as effective organizational systems to handle increasing inventory, outgoing stock and client information. When performing

website development for small businesses

, we ensure the site is perfectly suited to your target market in both design and function. For businesses that require an

online shopping solution

, we work in tandem with our e-commerce partners to incorporate the most appropriate shopping engine into your website.

Not all businesses require a platform to be built from the ground up. Should you require enhancements or maintenance to an existing platform or site, the Sigma Solve team can expertly pick up the project at any stage. We will work with you to determine which aspects of the platform are sufficient as is and what needs to be added or adjusted to meet your needs. By adding functionality to existing properties and incorporating new features, a platform is built that that better meets your current goals and will grow with your operations.

Sigma Solve’s ability to provide first-class

website/application development

, enhancement and maintenance services to small & medium sized businesses is rooted in the expertise possessed by our development team. With extensive knowledge of existing platforms, multiple development frameworks and different technologies, we have the tools to implement any functionality you desire.

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