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Successful project implementations begin with efficient project management, which is what we do best. Our teams are led by Scrum Masters know how to effectively prioritize tasks, delegate work, and make sure deadlines are met. Our scrum masters act as a leader and a participant in the sprint toward hitting the project goals.
Here at Sigma Solve, we focus on one thing: delivering results. Our teams can quickly idenify obstacles, areas for improvement, and ways to get where you want to go. And our scrum methodology is highly dynamic and responsive to changes, meaning we’re able to seamlessly re-prioritize tasks and re-organize teams as needed.


Software implementations are a complex process with many moving parts, and changes to the initial plan are inevitable. At Sigma Solve, we aren’t afraid of change. In fact, we face it head on. One of our greatest strengths is our agility in the face of changing requirements and new information.
We adapt to change because we know delivering value doesn’t mean sticking to the status quo. It means keeping our teams motivated and focused on our goals and encouraging client collaboration to ensure the software delivery will be hitting their needs now and in the future.


Effective software implementations don’t happen by chance, it happens by setting clear KPIs, monitoring them regularly, and finding ways to continuously improve upon them.
Our DevOps principles are the foundation that ensures our software deliveries are flawless and up to our standard of excellence. We have a team of trusted and experienced developers who preform and code at the top of their field. Not only do we encourage creativity and innovation, we also create a culture of transparency and collaboration to facilitate strong, cross-functional teams.

Whenever our software and operations teams are collaborating, we deploy our devops method for smooth cooperation and information sharing. We achieve our goals through:

  • Smart alerts that automatically fire to inform the team of errors or irregularities and reduces the need for costly oversight
  • Automated testing to reduce the burden of manual testing
  • Continuous deployment to roll out changes step-by-step and de-risk the project as a whole


Our software deliveries are never based on guesswork, they are based on real user feedback we gather through our prototyping process. This process involves taking user feedback to fill in gaps in usability and design a more user-friendly product.

Our prototyping process involves the following steps:

  1. Defining the scope and requirements of the project through user interviews
  2. Creating a preliminary design using wireframes to give clients a feel of the final product
  3. Building the prototype with the core features and functionality
  4. Conducting user evaluations with various individuals to gather feedback about the product
  5. Refining the prototype based on user evaluations. Step 4 and 5 are repeated until the client is satisfied with the mockup of the product
  6. Engineering the product once the prototype is approved

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