nopCommerce Development Services

Sigma Solve Inc. is a Gold Solution Partner with We employ highly qualified, nopCommerce certified developers, and have experience creating more than 32 sites with nopCommerce.

Based in Florida, Sigma Solve is a leading custom web and mobile application development company staffed with eCommerce experts. Our differentiator lies in low cost of development (less than half of most development companies) and excellent customer service, which helps our clients succeed in the marketplace.

Highlights of nopCommerce :
  • nopCommerce is an open source ecommerce software.
  • nopCommerce contains a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend.
  • nopCommerce has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times!
  • nopCommerce is a fully customizable shopping cart.
  • nopCommerce is based on ASP.NET (MVC) along with a MS SQL 2008 (or higher) backend database.
With comprehensive set of features, the solution offers a secure, scalable and yet powerful ecommerce platform for all online traders.
Sigma Solve’s nopCommerce services :
  • Performance Optimization
  • Plugin / Extension Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Turn Key Store Setup
  • Custom Development
  • Theme Development (mobile & desktop theme)
  • Solr Integration
  • nopCommerce Azure Services
  • nopCommerce Data Migration Service
  • nopCommerce Upgrade Service
  • nopCommerce Website Maintenance & Support Services
  • Stock / Inventory Integration
  • Accounting Integration with Quickbooks
  • ERP & CRM Integration
  • CDN Integration
  • nopCommerce Integration with Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Zoho CRM & Microsoft Dynamics
nopCommerce Store Performance Optimization
  • Site Optimization
  • Search Optimization
  • YSlow and Google Page Speed
nopCommerce Front End Website Optimization
nopCommerce site optimization improves the visitor experience by reducing page load time. This improves the loading time that the browser takes to load a complete page after receiving a response from a Web Server. If your website receives the response (time to first byte) quickly but takes time to load page, consult with Sigma Solve regarding nopCommerce site optimization to implement the wide variety of suggestions that YSlow or Google Page Speed offer.
nopCommerce Application Optimization
nopCommerce application optimization focuses on improving application response time. Application response time is the average time that an application takes to process each request. We also offer server side optimization to remedy slow response time from servers, which can also cause a deficit in user experience.
nopCommerce Plugin & Extensions Development by Sigma Solve :
Our expertise is with:
  • Payment Gateway Plugin
  • Shipping Gateway Plugin
  • SMS Gateway Plugins
  • Banners Plugin
  • Apache Solr Integration
  • Suggestive Search
  • CDN Plugin
  • FAQ Plugin
  • Google Map Store Locator Plugin
nopCommerce Theme Development
We have implemented custom themes within nopCommerce for several dozen websites. Sigma Solve converts PSD to HTML/CSS for nopCommerce, and HTML 5 / CSS 3 to an SEO friendly cross browser with compatible nopCommerce themes.
nopCommerce Mobile App Development
We help retailers create mobile apps using Microsoft Xamarin as well as Native Apps for Android and iOS.
nopCommerce Azure Services
Sigma Solve routinely uses nopCommerce with Microsoft Azure allowing for automatic scaling on the Microsoft Azure platform. Our experts develop, integrate and deploy on Azure with the ability to scale for growth thus offering your business a scalable, cloud based solution primed for fueling growth.
nopCommerce Data Migration
We help to migrate customers, products and order details from your existing system to nopCommerce. Our years of writing data migration scripts allow for successful data migration from the legacy system into nopCommerce.
nopCommerce Upgrade
Upgrading to the latest version of nopCommerce allows for the latest in features, security and speed for the storefront. Sigma Solve will help you to bring all data, features, and customizations to the latest version of nopCommerce.
Inventory Management
Sigma Solve provides the management solutions to sync inventory in real time from a POS system, warehouse, or CRM to the nopCommerce storefront. Our fully integrated websites keep your storefront updated with the current inventory allowing customers to order products as they are available and keeping your data in sync at all times.
Quickbooks Integration
Sigma Solve can also help automate Quickbooks integration with your nopCommerce store. This automation eliminates duplicate data entry, keeps data accurate between systems, and allows for easier invoicing for your customers.

ERP & CRM Integration (Infusionsoft, Zoho CRM & Salesforce)
We help you integrate ERP and CRM (Infusionsoft, Zoho CRM & Salesforce) with your nopCommerce store. Most serious businesses have catalog information inside ERP which they want to publish through nopCommerce to offer seamless integrated experience to their customers. We help enterprises do the same.

We also help businesses to integrate nopCommerce with CRM applications to track all interactions with your customers such as: contact creations, sales lead and potentials tracking, orders, and support requests, among others. ERP and CRM integration is traditionally done one of two ways – push or pull. We review your sales strategy to determine the best integration and allow you to have complete sync between your nopCommerce and ERP application.

CDN Integration
CDN (Content Delivery Network) helps your company display static content using a network from the closest node to your visitors. Using CDN integration allows visitors to experience fast website loading. CDN also reduces bandwidth and server resource utilization.
nopCommerce Website Maintenance & Support Services
We offer website maintenance and support services for your system, allowing you to focus on your core business without the added stress of web concerns. As experts in the industry, we continuously run and maintain site uptime, response time, data, backups, business continuity, upgrades, security, and marketability of your asset.

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