How Public speaking program works?

Comprehensive certification path for your child to learn and practice the super skill of public speaking.

Level 01
Introduction to public speaking
Level 02
Informative speaking
Level 03
Impromptu speaking
Level 04
Persuasive speaking: Masterclass

Interpersonal communication Program

A proven program to enhance social emotional skills and become a confident & resilient communicator.

Level 01
Building Interpersonal Communication Skills
Level 02
Certification: Practicing Interpersonal Skills

What our pupils say

I used to go on the stage and did not remember what to say earlier and had a lot of stage fright. Now he can remember his stories and also is able to write good stories.


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Shaking and with my voice trembling, I said, “Please give a hand for Jonathan!”
Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos are just two of the many billionaires who have insight into what it takes to be successful. This article will give you an insider’s perspective on what it takes to thrive in our current competitive climate according to both billionaires. With this information, you’ll know the skill that you should be fostering in your child.
Young children are naturally gifted with the ability to learn vast amounts of information since their brain is so fresh and elastic. Young children also have a natural curiosity to learn more.

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