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Guardion Health Sciences is at the forefront of early detection, intervention and monitoring of numerous eye diseases. Located in San Diego, the company combines targeted ocular nutrition with innovative, evidence-based diagnostic technology. Guardion boasts one of the most impressive Scientific and Medical Advisory Boards in the world and is led by seasoned business executives with many years of experience running and expanding public companies. This combination of expertise and scientific knowledge has catapulted Guardion into a leadership position within the eye care industry.


The client had to add the customers as well as manage payments and invoices in their system manually, which became tedious. They were looking for automating such manual tasks to free up their workforce. They also wanted to sync orders in the ecommerce system with Quickbooks. All payment information and customer details had to be synced in Quickbooks automatically.



We developed a Quickbooks Web Connector using Quickbooks API, an online tool to manage the connection to Quickbooks Desktop and configuration of rule-based sequence that synced both systems together in addition to syncing the products, orders, and customer information into Quicbokoks. The Web Connector was set up in Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise version that has a 1-way sync from the ecommerce system to Quickbooks. Scheduled tasks can obtain the information pertaining to the orders from the ecommerce system and sync the data using Quickbooks API. We developed a flexible, scalable solution to address the growing needs of the client’s business.

Technologies Used


  • Automation of the manual tasks streamlined the process, making management much easier for the client.
  • Client have also been noticing greater sales as the staff members have been freed up and are able to spend more time on marketing activities for the brand.

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