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We catered to the client’s need of creating a user-friendly, easily accessible website to help users purchase medicines online, as needed. The approach was hassle-free for users, as the interactive interface allowed customers to automatically place the same order every month. Additionally, the client wanted to add the third-party tool Quickbook; along with this functionality, shipstation and medicines with DAC integration were looked at for implementation at a later time.


Although the adoption of certain tools and techniques was challenging, Sigma Solve developed a website with the above listed requirements and exceeded expectations, in regards to the quality of the end product. Furthermore, functionality of the recurring order is being developed for more comport of the end users and to provide users with the option of selecting the recurring days. As well as that, self-deduction from the credit card purchases is being implemented. The products with DAC mandatory is used for some products. QuickBooks was also seamlessly integrated by Sigma Solve to aid in better management of accounts and to allow for a streamlined process for the client.


Sigma Solve’s skilled design team consisting of experts with numerous years of experience helped to enhance the appeal of the website. As a result, there was noticeable growth in the sales of the site and an increase in the numbers of recurring orders placed, which contributed to the overall success of the company.

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