Fresh Meal Plan, a Blue Apron subscription competitor that delivers meals to your door, had been growing due to a recent digital web and snail mail marketing campaign. However, the website was disconnected from the sales team in that all leads, inquiries and orders were simply being stored in a database connected to the website. The sales team had to login to the website administration daily to see if any orders had been placed, or if any leads or inquiries had to be tended to.


As a result of the recent growth, Fresh Meal Plan expanded their sales team and implemented a Salesforce CRM solution to better track and manage their sales and fulfillment processes. This meant that Salesforce would be used to store everything involving meal plans, pricing, past and current customers, leads, inquiries, and anything else relevant to the sales process.


To ensure a seamless experience for all parties involved, Factor3’s development team was asked to integrate the Fresh Meal Plan website with their new Salesforce CRM platform. This meant utilizing the necessary Salesforce REST APIs to develop code that would allow for a two-way sync of data and communication between various parts of the Fresh Meal Plan e-commerce website and their Salesforce CRM platform.


Since the Fresh Meal Plan sales team was constantly honing and updating their meal plan offerings and pricing, it was essential to have a centralized spot where the Sales team could update those subscriptions. By storing the meal plans in a set of custom objects in Salesforce, plans, pricing and descriptions could easily be updated by anyone on the sales team. At the same time, utilizing the Salesforce REST API, we were able to program and transition a previously static display of meal plan offerings and replace that with a dynamic, real-time view so the customer always sees the most up-to-date offerings.

When a customer selects a plan, an “Opportunity” record is created in Salesforce, which gets open and closed once the customer actually signs up. If an opportunity remains open, the sales team can take action from Salesforce by engaging with the customer via email, whether that is direct conversation or providing a special offer to close the deal. Closed opportunities move on to the next stage of the fulfillment process where the sales team works through the queue of orders that have come in.

To complete their order, customers must register, create a login and successfully pay for their subscription order. The customer’s contact information and credentials are stored within Salesforce Personal Accounts. When customers login to the website, we utilize the Salesforce REST API along with the OAuth2 protocol to authenticate the user and provide secure access to their account and plan data.


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