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1 K is different than any other app as it allows you to create an album for your private or public event, invite friends and family attending your private event or fans and supports of the public event to join the album. Then let the fun begin as everyone

No longer do you have to chase down photos or spend count less time searching your family and friends posts for photos, it’s all shared and collected in the 1 K app.


If you enable GPS (location permission) you can also search the Public Album Map to view photos and videos from events like Concerts, Sporting Events, Conventions, any public event from around the world.

Salient features

And for your convenience, 1 K has partnered with several companies and created a Store on the homepage to assist you with your event. We have everything you need before your event, during, and after. For example, you can send your album or photos to get prints made after your event, buy a new camera or camera gear, buy a wedding dress or party invitations. Our goal is to keep 1 K ad free and give you the choice to find and buy what you need for your special event.

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