Cloud Web Solutions

With the evolving technology, the working style and pace of organizations are also increasing. Not only are companies are moving existing legacy business applications and solutions to the cloud, but they are also developing cloud based solutions. The current generation of companies has multi-location offices, distributed teams across the globe and data at each location. The cloud solutions have transformed the way IT architecture, development, and deployment services are offered.


cloud based solution

is a result of several combined processes like cloud computing, storage, management solutions, networking, and business applications. Most of the companies are opting for

cloud based application development

because of its agility and flexibility. It also improves your IT capability and scalability at comparatively much lesser cost.

Sigma Solve is experienced and has expertise in

cloud application development

using well known platforms, namely Amazon EC2, Google App Engine, VMware vSphere, OVH &Rackspace, and much more. We offer end-to-end cloud solution services like cloud computing consulting, cloud based applications and business solution development, and cloud application maintenance and support. We have a dedicated and professional team of

cloud application developers

who are highly experienced and skilled in creating innovative solutions.

Cloud Solution Services :

Software as a Service (SaaS) and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) :

If your customer base is constantly increasing and you want to offer high quality of services, then SaaS is the best cloud services platform. With the help of the SaaS based model you can have faster response time in application and requests. It accelerates the process and results in enhanced quality of experience for your customer. By choosing Sigma Solve for developing

SaaS based cloud application

for your business, you can transform your network performance and service quality.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) :

In majority of cases, any network downtime results in financial loss, reputation loss, and customer loss. Using our powerful platform on a cloud, you can allow applications to be hosted or provide development, management, or hosting services. The powerful platform enables you to offer robust services for highly scalable customer base and dedicated team of developers. We as your IT partner for developing

cloud based solutions

can help you customize the solution as per your business requirements.

Managed Cloud and IT Services :

With the increasing number of cloud application introduced by several companies, it becomes very necessary to tackle the technical challenges. We offer flexible and reliable support and maintenance services to improve the performance and ensure constant connectivity. For cloud application development, migration and maintenance, our teamsare readily available to assist you.

Why Sigma Solve? :

Our team of experienced architectures and developers have expertise in developing cloud solutions using well-known cloud platforms like Google Compute, Citrix Xenserver, eApps, OVH and more. Whether you are looking for a cloud applications or cloud services which can be accessed via mobile, laptop or browser, we have a team of developers to guide you in the right direction. Whether you want to develop a new cloud application or migrate existing application, we can help you manage and support the same. By choosing Sigma Solve, you have access to the most experienced and expertise level of professionals.

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